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Self-help group members pass their savings to the group leader during a weekly meeting. Photo: Cally Spittle/Tearfund

Footsteps 93 - Mobilising local resources

‘Mobilising local resources’ is another way of saying ‘It starts with us’. Mobilising local resources begins with recognising what we have and realising what we can do with it.

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Many of the areas with high levels of violence are also poor, like this community in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa. Photo: Sarah Newnham/Tearfund

Footsteps 92 - Conflict and peace

We all experience conflict in our lives. Whether it is within our families, with colleagues or neighbours, there are times when we disagree with others. Disputes can have many causes, including land, natural resources, water, political power or religion.

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A nurse checks the baby’s heartbeat. Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Footsteps 91


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Rosa Mariano, an active Life Team member from Zambezia Province, greets her neighbours. Photo: Rebecca J Vander Meulen

Footsteps 90


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Flooding in Pakistan in 2010 affected 20 million people. Photo: Ashraf Mall/Tearfund

Footsteps 88


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Regular health checks, like these in Sierra Leone, can help to detect the early signs of disease. Photo: Jim Loring/Tearfund

Footsteps 87


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