Impact and evaluation

Impact and Learning Report 2016 front cover
Impact and learning report 2016

Now also available in French

This year’s impact and learning report showcases Tearfund’s evidence of impact from 2015, with a focus on disasters and fragile contexts. Read about our response to the Nepal earthquakes and the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The report is also full of lessons, insights and stories from the front line, which inform us as we strive to continually improve our work where the need is greatest.

There are two PDF versions available. One is interactive* (PDF 3.7 MB) and allows you to click between sections to navigate through the interrelated aspects of Tearfund’s work. There is also a print-friendly version (PDF 6.9 MB).

A shorter summary is available here (PDF 259 KB).

We’d love to know what you think of the report; please take a few minutes to give us your feedback via this short survey.

*The interactive version is best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or in your internet browser. If you are viewing the report on a mobile or tablet, please open the print-friendly version. 

Impact and Learning Report front cover
Impact and learning report 2015

Tearfund approach to monitoring and evaluation

Why monitor and evaluate?

We are passionate about wanting to learn from what we do, so that we can continually improve. We and our partners are often working in challenging situations where it can be hard to get things completely right first time. What matters is that we reflect on our actions so that we (and others) can learn from our experience. Then we can celebrate and build on what has worked well.

Monitoring and evaluation is a key element of this learning process and helps us demonstrate that we are using the resources that are given to us wisely. Monitoring and evaluation is vital for both learning and for accountability. It should be considered at an early stage of project design.

As part of openness and transparency we seek to publish evaluations of projects funded, supported and delivered by Tearfund and its partners. You can access these evaluations by going to our Evaluation Site where you can search for evaluation reports and summaries from our evaluation database. This allows you to search by date, country, sector and type of evaluation. Alternatively you can browse our library of reports and summaries.